Be brave!

Happiness is within your soul.

Make it count and spread the joy.

Be the person who deserves to be loved.

Love the one who never forgot.

Cherish each moment holding her hand.

Wrap your arms around her like the wedding band.

Waste nothing, not a single emotion.

Tomorrow you may long for her devotion.

love paint.


The promise

I will learn to live without love.

I will value more of what I got from above.

I will cherish the craft of wording every day

In which my soul in verse can play.

I will only seek peace and fulfillment.

I will forget your silence and cruel treatment.

I will rejoice in every single day

As if it were the last that’s left to stay.

And I will believe in happiness, come what may,

NO ONE can take the hope away.

Lesson learned

I spent a lifetime loving you.

I wasted away when I wasn’t needed.

I never took for granted anything I had.

I never dreamed to possess.

I hoped.

I trusted your every word.

I died when you changed.


I never became bitter as I aged.

I learned to value this gift of mine

To read beyond the words,

To feel, to shine.

I learned to value myself more

And cast away the shadow

Of the misery you wanted to drown me in.

I decided to grow.


The sky is blue and lonely
The sun has vanished abruptly.
Rain poured down in teardrops
That fed the blood of the crops.

The sky is silent and bare
No stars can shine above.
Mud and useless strive
To set free from the slime.

The sky is dark and mute.
No wonder life is feeble and remote.
If ever light is to emerge,
The living will reiterate the urge
To breathe, never to give in.


No sounds are heard from broken hearts.
No tears fall from tired eyes.
No cries in prayers late at night.
No miracles expected by souls without might.

All pervading silence rocks the world to sleep
Nothing out there the hope to keep.


Winter covered the world
In white blankets of frozen silence.
Spring was supposed to blossom
And new life and hope was expected.
Just like humans
Who lie and cheat and cause pain
Nature decided to do the same.
Instead of green and fresh and rejuvenated
To freeze all living in snow never ending.

Make time!

Make time for the people
Who were there all your life.
One day there’ll be no one
To care if you’re dead
Or still alive.
Make time for all
That you refused to say.
One day there’ll be no one
Who would like to hear.
Make time for the feelings
You, so obstinately, tried to kill.
One day you will beg a second more to heal
Your longing of the times she was near.
Make time to repent
For all the broken hearts and tears.
One day all you’ll have left is the fears
Of loneliness and silence
Of voices you will long to hear
The simple joys of life will no longer be there.
Coz joy comes from people
Not the things you possess
Nothing is worse than emptiness.

The wish

I wish I had one super power
That made all people good.
That gave back humans
Their best quality – love.
I wish I could banish all lowlives
And impede their tricks,
So that, truly, living would be good.
I wish I could make myself happy
And forget all the past
A new era I would build for all who made it last.